Thuresday 17th of may, 2018, is the first of Ramadan according to the moon sighting for more than 20 muslim country around the world. Knowing that, some countries choosed to follow the calculations to decide the first of Ramadan. However,  IRCC choosed to follow the Sunna of Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him in sighting the moon (Helal) to know the first day of Ramadan. knowing, Some news came late saying that some people in America saw the moon throughout the shar'y seen (moon sighting), the news came very late after most of the masjids in Canada to start fasting on Thursday.  May Allah blesse Ramadan for us, and accept our whorshiping.

Arabic is very important language in Islam since it's considered the language of the Holy Quran, IRCC School belongs to Masjid Abo Hurairah is one of the best Arabic schools for kids in Saint John area, not only that!! it's for free, the weekly Arabic classes held couple times a week knowing that IRCC stuff and employees all are volunteers.


Are you struggling finding Halal meet in Saint John City? don't worry Halal meet is every where, you can find all kinds of Halal meet (Beef or lamb), all you need is to order, contact us to find further information about how you can order. Besides, you can find chicken HALAL in Walmart ,Sobeys and other grocery markets in the city.

You can now search Masjid Abo Hurairah in google to find the address, also the Islamic Android App such as SALATUK app, provide information about the masjid location, The location is: 370 somerset street, Saint John, NB

Our Islamic School provides classes in Arabic,English as well as Quran learning, the Arabic classes held only for kids under 12 years old

IRCC School has an amazing study environment, the classes are very small that may contain no more than 15 students, the classes set depending on the age and level of students.

Not only that, the school is 5 min walking distance from the masjid. During the summer, most of the Quranic classes for kids(boys) held at Masjid abo Hurairah

However, IRCC School gives also classes in English for newcomers, there is a class of learning English as a second language held for ladies twice a week .



IRCC Puts all the efforts to build up this masjid (Masjid Abo Hurairah), as this Masjid is really important for muslim commuinty in Saint John city, knowing that, Masjid Abo Hurairah is the forth mousqe in New Brunswick provence.
Here, the media volunteer team of IRCC produced a 10 min video to show people the accomplishement of IRCC and Masjid Abo-Hurairah. The video conatines  basic information about IRCC, people's openions, and the preparation of Ramadan


After almost 2 years of establishing Masjid Abo Hurairah represented by IRCC (Immigration Reliefe Community Center), The Masjid community decided to start new projects to fix and repaire the building of IRCC. 
Now, new projects achived within a short period of time such as repairing the Roof of the bulding and some inner parts in the building.
Take a look at the annoucements to know the new achivements .

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All of our staff at IRCC are volunteers from the community. all of your dontations will go directly to help purchase and renovate our location. No matter what amount you're able to give, every donation makes a difference.


  • By debit/credit card in the Mosque.
  • By void check (monthly installments) set up in person, sent by mail, or email.
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