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IRCC provides the community with free Arabic classes every Saturday for both boys and girls under 12. For further information contact us by

phone: (506) 609-0089. Or through our email:



Classes at IRCC School

We have the pleasure to announce you the availability of our new English course, held by proffesional teachers, who volunteer to help out.
As already known, IRCC provides classes in Arabic (for kids), English, and Quranic as well.

The school has a capacity of 30 students devided in three different classes.


IRCC is taking care of providing good education system which considered carefully to fit all the ages and the levels of students, knowing that most of the students living whitin the same neighborhood.


The mission  of the IRCC School, is to provide the students with excellent academic skills, while instilling a sound knowledge of the Islamic faith. The school fosters in them the characteristics that will enable them to acquire the necessary tools that will better prepare them to face future life challenges as self-confident, strong and caring Muslim Canadian citizens.


You can see the schadule of the classes here.


Contact Us

IRCC Masjid

370 Somerset St


Phone: (506) 609-0089


Iqama Times for Jamaa:


Maghreb 08:30 P.M.

Ishaa     10:00  P.M.

Jumaa Start Time Is 01:30 P.M.

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